ChiliPad™ Cube - Split Cal King

ChiliPad™ Cube - Split Cal King

ChiliPad™ Cube - Split Cal King

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The ChiliPad™ Cube is a mattress pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system. It regulates the surface temperature of your mattress by actively circulating water through a network of micro tubes.

The mattress pad comes in Single and Dual Zone. The Single Zone has one Cube and cools or warms the bedding surface for one person. The Dual Zone Cube has Dual Temperature Zones on larger beds with 2 Cubes, so the two sides can have different sleep temperatures. The result is the perfect temperature to doze off and get the rest you need to tackle the rest of your day!

Your best night’s sleep is a few degrees away! ChiliPad™ Cube is a cooling mattress pad that also heats. It regulates the surface temperature of your mattress so that you sleep comfortably all night long.

The Split Cal King ChiliPad is a single zone system allowing the bed to be set in one-degree increments from 55° - 110° F (13° - 43° C) anywhere in between.  It's designed to keep one person perfectly comfortable throughout the night.  This size was developed to regulate the temperature on 1/2 a California King mattress.

Designed to fit all standard and extra thick mattresses

This unique 150 thread count, poly-cotton cooling mattress pad uses soft medical grade silicone tubing to circulate regular water through the pad. A built-in connection tube (96″ in length) connects the pad to the Cube. Dual-zone, dual temperature ChiliPads™ have separate tubing and independent control units for each side creating a dual temperature zone.

Control the temperature with the touch of a button

Either directly on the control unit or conveniently in bed with the wireless remote control. The Cube cools or warms the water to your set temperature and circulates it through the pad, generally achieving temperatures well below a cool 55 F and easily above a very warm 110 F. A thermostat maintains the set temperature, letting you sleep at your ideal temperature throughout the night.

End battles over the thermostat and save money on your energy bill 

Cool or heat your bed instead of your entire house! The control unit averages 80W of energy use, and dual-zone ChiliPad Cubes let you set each side of the bed independently. Fall asleep faster and achieve deeper, restorative sleep longer by controlling your sleep temperature!

What's the value of a good night's sleep?

When you look at the actual cost, you can enjoy the benefits of sleeping at your ideal temperature for only 18¢ a night. Plus, the EPA confirms simply adjusting your thermostat 1 degree saves 7% off your cooling or heating costs. Use the ChiliPad™ Cube to cool or heat your bed, and save enough in energy to pay for your purchase in less than a year!

The ChiliPad was designed to be easy, safe and fit seamlessly into your daily life


With dual zone temperature control, you can now both sleep at your perfect temperature. Every night.


We have the perfect size for you and your bed. Just check out the smaller images in the slider above or in the list below for our sizing guide, and find exactly what you need.

Cube Dimensions:

  • 9.25” x 9.25” x 7.25”

Pad Dimensions:

  • Single = 30″ x 75″ (Single Zone) 
  • Twin = 38″ x 75″  (Single Zone) 
  • Twin XL = 38″ x 80″  (Single Zone) 
  • Full = 53″ x 75″ (Single Zone) 
  • Split California King = 36” x 84” (Single Zone)
  • Queen = 60″ x 80″ (Dual Zone) 
  • King = 76″ x 80″ (Dual Zone)
  • California King = 72″ x 84″ (Dual Zone)

Customer Questions
Will using the Chilipad increase my monthly energy bill?

No! The ChiliPad has been shown to save as much as $100 per month on cooling costs. Our HVAC systems are set up to change the temperature of our entire home. It’s inefficient to cool the whole house when we spend nearly half of our time at home sleeping. The ChiliPad eliminates the need to set your thermostat to heat or cool your entire home at night. Central air conditioners typically range from 3500–5000 watts, and in the summer months run for an average of 9 hours per day. Comparatively, the ChiliPad operates at an average of 80 watts of energy per side when cooling and is only ON when you're sleeping. That’s about the same energy consumption as an incandescent light.

Why should I trust the Chilipad will work when other sleep aids have done nothing for me?

By using the latest advances in sleep science, technology and cold therapy, we can now harness the incredible health-enhancing properties of temperature-regulated sleep therapy that can transform the quality of your sleep and support a healthy body and mind. Simply put, at Chili Technology we are committed to doing EVERYTHING the right way, with integrity, and with your results in mind. That’s exactly why you can be confident in joining the Chili Technology family.

Can I use the chilipad if I have a medical condition?

ChiliPad is considered safe and extremely effective for nearly everyone. There has no reported conflicts or unwanted side effects and is considered safe and extremely effective for adults and kids of all ages. However, if you have a medical condition, we recommend that you talk to your doctor for proper approval. You can always return it later with our 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Studies show that better sleep improves virtually all aspects of life including increased energy levels, better memory, increased metabolism, better circulation, reduced pain and cramping, and improved athletic performance.

How long should I continue to sleep on the Chilipad for?

Forever. Based on the latest research, top doctors recommend a sleeping temperature of 60-68 degrees every night for the rest of your life. Plus, the longer you sleep on a ChiliPad, the healthier you’ll feel. Check out our ChiliPad Body Pad so you can take Chili Technology with you, wherever you go.

Do I need a converter plug if i live outside the United States?

The ChiliPad is engineered to work anywhere in the world without a voltage converter. The only thing you will need is an outlet plug adapter based on your particular location.

Will I be able to feel the tubes in the pad when lying down?

It is possible to feel the circulation tubes with your fingers if you search for them, but they cannot be felt while lying on the mattress. The silicone tubing is small and soft enough that it facilitates a comfortable sleeping surface while allowing water to pass through the tubes.

Can this be used in a camper, semi-truck or my boat?

The ChiliPad™ is a great solution to regulate the temperature of the mattress in your boat, camper or semi. It provides an energy efficient option to meet truck idling requirements.

How durable is the Chilipad?

The mattress pad is made from 150 thread count poly cotton material with polyester fill and medical grade silicone tubing. The silicone tubing that circulates the water was chosen because of its strength and durability. It will not break with normal usage, nor will animal claws puncture it.

How much energy does the product use on average?

Under normal operating conditions the ChiliPad uses 80 watts, similar to an average light bulb. At peak performance the ChiliPad will use up to 150 watts.

What is the optimal temperature to sleep at?

The one where you sleep the deepest and longest so you heal naturally and feel great. This is different for each person and often varies by night. Sleep studies show the ideal sleep temperature for optimal rest & recovery is 60-68ºF. But since everyone is different, it might take about 2-3 weeks to find your own sweet spot. It's also important to note that your temperature will change as the seasons change.

How loud is the ChiliPad?

The Cube will make a slight humming sound while it is operating. However, a majority of our customers have reported that the noise does not bother them as it is comparable to a floor fan or a desktop computer. Again, the Control Unit/Cube utilizes fresh air to cool the electronics so sufficient air is necessary for optimal performance and longevity of your system. Clearance of 24 inches on all sides is recommended. DO NOT put your control unit under your bed, as this will significantly restrict the airflow to the unit.

How do I know the chilipad will work for me?

The ChiliPad is for everyone! It comes in all sizes, works with your existing mattress, and can create temperature harmony for couples on one mattress. It’s easy to use design fits seamlessly on top of your mattress and under your sheets and has a small control unit that goes neatly under your bed or next to your nightstand. You already know you sleep better when it’s cooler. An overwhelming number of studies have confirmed this to be true when they found the ideal sleep temperature for most people is between 60-68 degrees. Our revolutionary water-based temperature-controlled cooling mattress topper uses the latest in sleep research to guarantee a deep sleep, every night. Chili Technology can actively cool as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit or to your preferred setting. The great news is once you find your perfect sleep temperature, it can help improve your REM and deep sleep by as much as 20%. That’s like getting one free hour of sleep every night!

What are the exact dimensions of the different Chilipads?

The ChiliPad™ is approximately 3/4″ thick. Measurements are listed below: Single = 30″ x 75″ (0.76m x 1.77m) Twin = 38″ x 75″ (0.97m x 1.91m) Twin XL = 38″ x 80″ (0.97m x 2.03m) Split Cal King = 36" x 84" (0.91m x 2.13m) Full = 53″ x 75″ (1.35m x 1.91m) Dual Queen = 60″ x 80″ (1.52m x 2.03m) King = 76″ x 80″ (1.93m x 2.03m) California King = 72″ x 84″ (1.83m x 2.13m)

How can the Chilipad help my body heal itself and recover quicker?

Do you exercise? Are you an elite athlete? Have you undergone surgery or intense physical therapy? Are you experiencing menopause? Muscle aches? Stiff joints? Low energy? Chili is for you. Cold therapy has been the standard for post-workouts and recovery of all types for as long as we can remember. Sleepers can now benefit from nighttime cooling throughout the night that supports the deep sleep cycles needed for your body to repair itself. Cold therapy helps reduce your heart rate, improve circadian rhythm and increase blood flow enabling your muscles, organs, and systems to spend more time in recovery. Whether you’re an Olympian, Iron Man athlete, triathlete, fitness nut or just want to feel great. Chili can help relax and recharge your body every single night with its cooling remedies.

Would the Chilipad help with hot flashes?

Yes, this product is doctor recommended to reduce the symptoms of a hot flashes in both severity and duration.

Did you find what you were looking for?

What Does This Limited Express Warranty Cover?

Chili Technology gives to the original purchaser (“the purchaser”) of a new Chili Technology control unit (“the product”) this limited express warranty which covers any defects in materials or workmanship in the product under normal use. Except for this limited express warranty and any implied warranties under applicable law, Chili Technology makes no express or implied representations or warranties, either in this document or in any of its instruction manuals, product packaging, or other materials accompanying or used in conjunction with sale or marketing of the product.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

This Warranty does not cover: use of the product in a commercial operation, improper maintenance of the product, damage due to misuse, acts of God, nature, vandalism or other acts beyond the control of Chili, owner's acts of omissions, use outside the country in which the product was initially purchased and resales of the product by the original owner. This warranty does not cover pick up, delivery, transportation or house calls. This warranty does not cover products purchased from a party that is not an authorized retailer, dealer, or distributor of Chili Technology.

How Long Does The Coverage Last?

This limited express warranty and any implied warranties (including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) on the control unit of the product will be for two (2) years from the documented date of purchase, as noted below. The sewn mattress pad and associated tubing are warrantied for 90 days from the documented date of purchase, as noted below. Coverage terminates if the purchaser sells, disposes of, or otherwise transfers the product.

What Will Chili Technology Do?

For the duration of warranty coverage, at its option:


  1. During the first 90 days of documented purchase date, Chili Technology will repair or replace any product or part(s) of the mattress pad and associated tubing that are defective in either materials or workmanship to include parts, labor, and delivery back to the purchaser at the expense of Chili Technology.
  2. During year one (1) following the documented date of purchase, Chili Technology will repair or replace any product or part(s) of the control unit that are defective in either materials or workmanship to include parts, labor, and delivery back to the purchaser at the expense of Chili Technology.
  3. During year two (2) following the documented date of purchase, Chili Technology will repair or replace any product or part(s) of the control unit that are defective in either materials or workmanship at the expense of Chili Technology. Labor and return delivery to the purchaser will be billed to the purchaser at a cost of $30. Payment will be made at the time of issuance of Return Authorization Number.
  4. Alternatively, Chili Technology will at its option refund to you your documented purchase price.


How Do You Get Service?

This limited express warranty is conditioned upon proper use of the product by the purchaser. Any problem with the product that is caused by abuse, misuse, operation contrary to or inconsistent with the written instructions, or an act of God (such as a flood) is not covered. Chili Technology does not have any obligations if our inspection reveals that the product has been altered, modified, damaged, subjected to or involved in an accident, disassembled, repaired or attempted to be repaired by someone other than us, or used in a manner inconsistent with its intended purpose.

Indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including any lost revenues, loss of use or lost profits) are not recoverable under the warranty, or with respect to the sale or use of the product. In no event will our entire liability to you exceed the purchase price actually paid by you for the product, or any defective portion thereof, whichever is less. This limitation does not apply to any claims for personal injury. Also, because some states do not allow, or restrict, limitations of incidental or consequential damages, some or all the foregoing may not apply to you.

How Do You Get Service?

In order to be eligible under this warranty, and before returning a defective product, you MUST first obtain a Return Authorization Number from Chili Technology. To obtain a Return Authorization Number, complete a repair request form by clicking here or call us at (704) 235-6831, or write to Chili Technology 144 Talbert Pointe Drive, Suite 103, Mooresville, NC 28117. Once you obtain your Return Authorization Number, the product should be carefully packaged and delivered, with all postage or delivery charges prepaid, to the foregoing address. You MUST also include in the package (1) your name, telephone number and shipping address, (2) a brief written description of the problem, and (3) documentation of the date and amount of your purchase together with your Return Authorization Number. You are responsible for all damages incurred in shipping.

What Are Your Rights Under State Law and Other Considerations? 

This warranty, and any unresolved claims and disputes between you and Chili Technology shall be governed by and subject to the laws (exclusive of conflict-of-law provisions) of the State of North Carolina, which shall also be the exclusive venue and jurisdiction for all such claims and disputes.

All claims against Chili Technology must be brought within three (3) months from the time they arise. As some states do not allow or restrict, limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, some or all of the foregoing may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Other than as expressly set forth above, Chili does not authorize any agent or representative to assume any obligation or liability hereunder.

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