5 Tips To Stay Warm in Winter

(From someone who is always cold!)

How to Stay Warm When You’re Out and About…

Are you freezing all the time? Chilled to the bone? Hands like ice?

Being cold sucks! And for some people, winter feels like an uphill battle.

Especially if you’re living with symptoms of Cold Intolerance like a high sensitivity to the cold, or a medical condition, like Raynaud’s Syndrome.

But there is hope… and we have GOOD NEWS!

For starters, we’ve put together 5 top tips to help you beat the cold back into submission… Check them out!

1. You have 2 hard-hitting forms of attack at your disposal – use them both:

  • CREATE heat, and CONSERVE it!

Your body does both naturally, but there’s a multitude of ways to support its brave efforts. Here are 3 expert strategies for you to use…

2. Cold hands? Gloves/mittens are first lines of defense against the cold, but you can massively ramp up their power:

  • Pre-warm gloves/mittens, and use Tip 4.
  • Get prepared and have more than one pair ready-to-go, so you can quickly replace wet/cold ones.
  • Keep your hands dry. And see Tip 5.

3. Trap air and heat (hold them prisoner and don’t let go!):

  • Layers, layers, layers! They're essential – on both your upper and lower body.
  • Wear appropriate base and top layers, and a hat, scarf or balaclava.
  • And stay dry!

4. Create heat:

  • Battery-charged heat pads are game-changers! Stunning in their effect.
  • Heat pads being used in heated clothing, jackets, gloves/mittens and socks etc.
  • (Keep reading for more info on these…)
  • And you have 2 simple ways to boost your body's natural defenses.
  • Power-up with a good diet – our bodies create heat through metabolism.
  • Keep moving – our bodies also create heat through movement.

5. Make use of what is out there:

Breakthrough innovations are already here, with many more being developed.

And YOU are in the RIGHT place...

At UThermic, we’re committed to helping you live a life with less restriction and more empowerment to the do the things you want to...

From heated clothing to ground-breaking fabrics, futuristic bedding and wearable technology…

This industry is advancing, liberating lives...

And it can help free you from the cold too!

It’s crazy that in this tech-rich 21st century we still have to worry about being cold (or hot) as we go about our daily lives…

AND that temperature, and heat or cold intolerance, have such control over what we can… and can’t do!

The GOOD news…

Right now, revolutionary products are available to help you overcome temperature-related challenges…

And our mission at uthermic.com is this:

  • To bring together top personal heating and cooling products and solutions… And provide answers to help you in every temperature related micro moment of daily life…
  • From sleeping or commuting to work, to having fun and incredible adventures in the mountains.

“uthermic.com is the go-to place for you to find the world’s leading solutions to live your daily life at a comfortable temperature.” Ryan Tattle, co-founder.

... "our goal (and reason for existing) is to create a world where temperature has no limitation on our human experience, and to ensure the global population is educated on how this can be achieved."

Meet some of the innovative Brands we’re working with…

Here are 2 quick questions for you…

Do you dread the end of summer?

Do you feel cold ALL the time?

If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone… and you have allies in this fight!

1 in 10 people have some form of cold intolerance (over-sensitive thermoreceptors within the skin) causing them to feel colder, even in mild temperatures… let alone in the depths of winter!

But it’s all changing…
uthermic.com is bringing together, in one place, some of the world’s leading personal heating products…

So you can learn about, and compare, these different products quickly and easily.

And have peace of mind… confident you’re getting the optimal solution to fit YOUR individual needs.

We’re offering only successful and proven products and brands… Some of these have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Gear Junkie, Digital Journal, SnoWest, InsideOutdoor Magazine, Fashion Steele NYC, SportProvement, and more…



Some of our product categories include:

Individual temperature-zoned bedding:

Finally, your side of the bed can be at the perfect temperature for you… while your partner’s side can be spot on for them! (These products can also help save energy by reducing the need to use room heating/cooling through the night.)

Heated clothing:

Whatever your situation... whether you need something stylish to wear out, or something functional for the workplace... we have the answer. From battery-heated jackets, hoodies and shirts, to heated socks, insoles and gloves… it’s all here for you.

Personal thermostat technology:

A simple push of the button on your wrist device can deliver instant relief from EITHER the cold or the heat... no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

$699 Chilipad - Cube

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$349 Loyola Heated Jacket

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$299 Embr Wave Bracelet

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Ryan and Alex (the co-founders of UThermic) believe that 2 BIG misconceptions hold people back in this area. These are:

1. That to improve overall thermal comfort we must raise/lower our core temperature –

Ryan: "We do not experience temperature discomfort in everyday life because our core body temperature has lowered or risen enough to put us in danger of hypothermia or hypothermia...

Commonplace temperature discomfort results from thermoreceptors in our skin sending signals to our brain.

It's important to understand that these receptors are conditioned over time by the climate we live in... and this determines how quickly they send the signals. 

And this is why each person has their own thermal comfort level... and why it makes sense to support the individual, rather than try and cater to the masses. (Thinking here about the never-ending cold or hot office conversations!)"

2. That ‘always being cold/hot’ is just part of life and we have to deal with it because there’s nothing else we can do.

Alex: “Temperature has been with us forever! And as environmental conditions become more unstable, temperature (and the restrictions it places on us) will become increasingly critical...

Up to this point, temperature complaints have probably been the most common conversation starters known to man! And it's all been viewed as something too big to manage, and so far out of our control that we just have to put up with it."

The brothers’ passion to disprove these MYTHS comes from their own personal struggles with cold intolerance...

After spending nearly a decade of back-to-back summers between Australia, Europe, and North America, they suddenly found themselves immersed in the middle of a very cold Canadian winter.

During that icy, desolate time they experienced the full realities of a Cold Intolerance condition...

And it was this difficult time that later inspired the creation of UThermic.


“My wife is someone who’s always cold, so she was very happy when I introduced her to the heating products at uthermic.com. She’s now purchased several items off the site and is able to stay out longer when we are doing things outdoors!” - Mike K

“A world where I don’t have to worry about freezing my a** off every time I want to spend time outdoors? I am all in!” - Anna N

“I don’t know why someone hasn’t done this already, but this is now my favorite place to shop” - Nat L

At UThermic we are 100% committed to excellence. And we provide this unique marketplace to:

  • Offer trustworthy and proven products to meet temperature-related challenges
  • Promote comparison between products and informed consumer choices
  • Provide high-quality customer service and support
  • Advance collaboration across the industry, and between innovators, researchers and consumers
  • Make our incredible world a better, more comfortable place to live!

“Whatever you’re doing, in whatever temperature you’re doing it, you can be sure we have the very best life-changing solution for you,” Ryan Tattle.

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