To create a world where Temperature
has no limitations on the Human Experience


U°THERMIC Coldscreen is a unique formulation in a lotion, focused on doing one thing really well — changing the way we experience cold weather forever. And it all started with two brothers, at the bottom of the known world.


U°THERMIC was founded by Ryan and Alex Tattle from New Zealand. The company was born from an everyday realisation about just how annoying — and somewhat disappointing — it is to feel cold. That off-putting and uncomfortable feeling of cold that gets in the way of getting out there and living our lives to the absolute max. That chilling feeling that makes you long for warmth.

We asked ourselves “why is there no way to take that amazing feeling of warmth with you wherever you might go?”

After avalanches of research, and partnering with highly experienced chemists specializing in all-natural formulations, we were able to surmount all the problems and restrictions to develop a product that opens up new choices for you. It helps keep you warm in cold weather and it keeps your skin healthy.


Our ultimate mission in life is to open up new choices and a new way of thinking about how people experience the weather. Extreme cold doesn’t have to slow you down or hold you back from doing what you love to do. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, or a recreational snowbird, Coldscreen is the new way to live your life outside.

And we’re developing products that help you deal with the weather in other ways, from hot weather lotions to tech-based solutions — creating a world where temperature has no limitations on the human experience.

We love what we do here at U°Thermic, surrounded by a positive team and amazing customers. Join the U°Thermic revolution, and you’ll see for yourself exactly what we’re excited about. After all, life’s too short to be too cold. (Or too hot.)

our team

Co-Founder, President of Warmth

Ryan’s mission in life is to smile as hard and as much as possible. Because of that, he delivers a high dose of positivity and creativity to the U˚Thermic team every single day. For Ryan, doing things differently is very normal, from years of working on private superyachts to his hobbies of freerunning and flying helicopters. With a passion for innovation and life itself, he’s the driving force behind the vision, development, and growth of U˚Thermic. The ultimate motivation for Ryan is to make U˚Thermic a leader in the evolving inventive lifestyle product industry. But even more than that, he wants truly to improve and make a difference in his customer’s lives.

Co-Founder, Warmth innovations Director

From a very young age, Alex loved creating. He always dreamt of inventing a product that might help everyday people live their everyday lives better. This career path isn’t one you’re taught to pursue after college. So instead, Alex became a highly-qualified construction developer, owning his own operation at a very young age. By creating and building incredible homes from scratch, Alex turned people’s ideas into a physical reality. This proved to be an invaluable skill in his favourite new hobby of snow and ice structure building, he has a few world records in sight! Today, Alex’s career goals have come true. Coldscreen was conceived in early 2014 and has already led to many other revolutionary concepts which he now dedicates his days, nights and everything in between to bring to life.

Hamish Hodgson
Head of global Adventures

Hamish grew up on a farm in New Zealand, he started travelling at 16 and realised very quickly that his openness, positivity and love for people and culture called for as much of this as possible. From Scaling any mountain in sight to losing count of the number of times sailing across the Atlantic. He is at his ultimate happiness heading into the unknown for a new adventure.

Alyssa Craig
Customer happiness coordinator

Alyssa is multi talented with a very strong mind set and only strives for perfection. She loves to enlighten, solve any problem and bring structure to a team. She is a firm believer that positive thinking takes you a long way. In her spare time she enjoys adventure, go karting, watching the sun set and is also a recovering cupcake addict.

Vince Spinnato
Head Chemist

An expert cosmetic chemist and perfumer, Vince has spent over 20 years formulating and developing personal care industry products for skin care, hair care, fine fragrances, color cosmetics, and bath & body for brands like Chanel, Estee Lauder, Bath & Body Works, P&G, Aveda and many more. Retained for research and private consulting, his celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Victoria Beckham, Seth MacFarlane, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Principal and many others.